Akita pet portrait on ceramic tile

Zamudio was commissioned to create a pet portrait of an Akita breed dog as a special order for a ceramic tile application.

Akita pet portrait Zamudio Ceramic Tile

The customer wanted a portrait of her beloved pet painted on a large ceramic tile that will eventually adorn the floor of her living room.

Most custom tile artwork usually is done for walls and the occasional counter top, but this project is a first for Zamudio’s Studio to master.

First working from photos a sketch is produced and approved by the client.

Akita pet portrait sketch Zamudio
Upon approval of sketch the artwork is transferred to the tile with ink.Akita pet portrait ink to tile Zamudio

Next, color studies are done and a final color choice pallete is selected that compliments the existing tile color scheme.
Base coat colors are applied to the composition and allowed to dry.Akita pet portrait base colors Zamudio






Final color work is created for the finished art.Akita pet portrait final colors Zamudio

After the oil paints are completely dry an acrylic coating is applied over the painted area.Akita pet portrait Acrylic coating Zamudio

The final depth of the coating is roughly 1/4″ and will protect the original portrait from wear.

A unique composition and one happy customer ; )

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