Art, drawing and sketch classes St. Louis

Offering Art classes by St. Louis illustrator artist David R. Zamudio.

The class is held in the Phoenix Gallery studio in South St. Louis County, MO.
You will learn the basics of drawing and composition. Most anyone can pick up a pencil and draw a line, shape, design or at least their signature.Art classes, drawing classes St Louis, Charcoal portrait female David Zamudio

We will review the fundamentals of drawing that I use everyday in my work. As an artist I receive or develop ideas that can become a conceptual works of art as in portraiture, still life, illustration, caricatures, cartoons and perhaps expressive art created for the sake of creation. The practice of art is development. You need to master your skills through practice and education.


This is a drawing class that deals with the the foundation of realistic drawing. Drawing is but one skill in the field of art and your level of skill is revealed in your art work. A drawing, painting or sculpture that appears archaic or primitive in execution of line, shape, form, structure, value and proportion demonstrates the lack of proper training. These works are considered art by many and as art is subjective, well anything goes now.

If your aim is to develop your drawing, eventually, to the classic or realistic level then this class is for you. I walk every student – who wants to learn – from the beginning to the end with simple concepts that a child can easily learn; therefore, I can teach anyone to draw.

What we discover together, since anyone who teaches also learns, are five basic systems or concepts of drawing. During weekly practice we draw from a still life model in a small class atmosphere. The class is designed to teach Composition, line, space, value and proportion. As you learn composition then every drawing, painting, photo, design and sculpture you see will come to life. Composing your work on a page is part of the creation process.Drawing spheres for practice with Artist David Zamudio

Line, space, value and proportion are also carefully repeated in practice and evaluation each week.

I offer any and all students of my drawing class one guarantee:
your speed and accuracy will improve-regardless of your current skill level. Testimonials are available online .

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