Lion Prints

The Lion of Judah by David Zamudio

The Lion of Judah illustration by David Zamudio
The Lion of Judah illustration, 18"x24" Charcoal original by David Zamudio

The inspirational story behind the creation of "The Lion of Judah"© art is arguably more profound than the masterful finished rendition of this unique work of art.

I have always believed that there must he something more to life than what we experience on earth day in and day out. We are made to explore, to discover and to learn from both within ourselves to the outer galaxies and, like a good teacher, God has given man plenty of material to work with!

We have science, literature, art, medicine, religion, law, music, math and many other fields of study to master but only a few have done so. Why are not all scientists on the same intellectual level as Albert Einstein?

Why do not all botanists possess the same learning capacity of George Washington Carver? Why does the music world not produce more Beethovens? Have you ever wondered why there are but a handful of masters of certain fields of study? The information, or sources of knowledge, exist for all. Yet only a few actually pursue learning  everything that is within them - with all the time, energy and the bold determination to grow their mind and spirit.

Only those who seek - will find. I have learned this truth as I searched for more of life and discovered that this
same road leads to the author of life itself: God.

The creation of the lion was a direct result of an encounter that I experienced at the age of 43 when I first heard the inner voice of God speak from within my-own spirit or soul. One day during prayer for my family the Spirit of God visited my physical body and I began to weep deeply, although there was no natural reason for my tears. There was no cause or event to feel any remorse or sorrow, yet I endured this strange experience.

I recall that my spirit was somehow transformed from one place to another that day. From dark to light (as they say) and this was the start of the process creating the lion. Late 2001 I was so eager to learn more about the supernatural things of God that I read many books on miracle healing, praying, hearing from God and other topics about the Holy Spirit.

I had a great desire to know more and would listen to preachers on the radio and watch them on television constantly being obsessed with this new phenomenon in my life much like a starving man desires food and water to survive.

I learned of an idea taken from the bible called: ‘one new man‘ concept of reconciliation that intrigued me. That God unites both Jew and gentile to Himself through the sacrifice of Christ-as one family.  Like that of a loving father whom seeks to unite his children into one family of love so I wanted to illustrate this truth on paper.

I learned to communicate with God during prayer and I begin to ask Him what I may create for Him so I kept a notebook handy as ideas began to come my way. The first image idea that I received was that of a lion. The lion I envisioned is one of supernatural strength and appearance with eyes that will touch your spirit. I continued to work on the lion.

The second image was given to me in a vision as I was driving on a highway. While driving I see this giant image of a highly polished sword displayed in front of me much like a large theater screen. I can clearly see both the vision and the road in front of me at the same time as if looking through glass. I see written or inscribed upon the blade of this sword. "The Word of God". I began to think about the person of God as Savior, the Messiah, Jesus the Christ and learned that the all of creation leads to Him.

How do I illustrate the character of God? Jesus is referred to as the cornerstone-a precious cornerstone. Ancient buildings were constructed by first setting the cornerstone in place atop the foundation and then all of the other stones were aligned to the cornerstone.

As God‘s creation we are also to keep aligned to our cornerstone: Christ. The stone will be engraved on three sides representing the Holy trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit - as one entity. The top of the stone will reflect the family of God and so-will be inscribed with the Hebrew word for family pronounced ("meesh po ka").

The lion will stand atop the cornerstone gripping the stone with one paw covering both the inscription "family" and the cornerstone - demonstrating the eternal love of God " ...and no one is able to snatch them out of the Father's hand”. I and the Father are one. " (John 10:27-30)

I was further inspired to inscribe the right side of the stone with the verse that describes the word of God as a two-edged sword from the book of Hebrews 4:12 I also felt led to inscribe on the right panel, below the previous inscription, the verse from Isaiah-28:16 that reads "a stone for a sure foundation".

The left side of the stone will be etched quoting the book of Ephesians 2:14-16 as Christ the Messiah as the one new man that through the cross has made both Jew and Gentile one man. While developing the sword for this work I remember asking God what kind of sword do you want? I heard the reply clearly "a sword of fire"

I began to work out the symbols of the sword that would best represent both judgement (fire) and the truth (the sword) coming from the very mouth of God). So the lion art represents two years of praying, hearing, learning, creating, developing and recreating until the final version was finished in 2003.

My hope is that you enjoy the work for years to come and that you -too will be inspired as I have been to search for truth in life. Seek and you shall find! May God Bless You.