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LOJ Tshirt by Zamudio Support RwandaWelcome to the Lion of Judah Shirt store!

Thanks for visiting today. Tshirts are now available in black printed with bright gold ink.

The printed lion image is taken from the original award winning illustration by David Zamudio.

About the art…

I created this drawing as a direct result of my spiritual experiences with the Almighty God years ago.

Previous to these supernatural encounters what I knew of our creator I learned from attending church. For me, the meaning of life was simply to live, learn, love have some fun and in the end hope to get to heaven somehow.

Today my view is vastly different and it is more like…”I was blind but now I see”…as an artist and as a person. The power or spirit of God is a gift given to all of creation and once your spiritual eyes are opened your life begins anew.I received spiritual impressions, visions, inspirations and images from the creator of  different concepts of the lion drawing before I realized that they are all connected. Much like a puzzle I began to assemble the images and fit them together in this final design of the lion.

The complete story ‘creating the lion’ along with the definitions of the symbols used are included with purchase of the shirt. For a limited time-receive a free 18″x24″ lion poster with purchase of a shirt.Spread the good news of the Kingdom of God around the world when you buy a shirt! Ten percent 10% of proceeds go to suppport the Vineyard Mission Church of Rwanda South Africa.


Order your Lion of Judah Shirt today!

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Additional colors will be available in the near future. Please check back often.

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