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As a live performance artist, or a live event artist, I am given the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind original painting on location for a customer.  In October of 2012 a special day for a bride and groom will be my subject. What make this event so unique is that the final painting imagery will become a family heirloom for them to display and share with their children years from now.

To have an artist commissioned to paint the wedding party reception event is rare indeed. In this case an aunt and uncle is gifting the painting to their nephew-the groom.  (A very generous gift)
Sketch of perspective line of sight for painting- Zamudios
Just this week, I met with the jovial mother of the groom to visit the location of the reception party to take place at Molly’s Restaurant in the City of St. Louis. It was a humid day as we sat and discussed all the possibilities of angles, colors, look, etc for the composition. We exchanged stories of looking at pictures of parents and grandparents from times past posing in their fine attire.

These old photos take us back in time as we identify physical characteristics of a family resemblance in many of them. A painting composition of the upcoming event will become a special treasure for the new couple as few paintings of wedding parties exist. Maybe this trend will catch on! Looking forward to creating a lasting memory of this special day!

I will post the final finished work here in October.

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