Zamudios Studio Illustration | Portraiture
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Portraits in all media

Zamudio’s Hand-drawn portraits make for a perfect gift for a loved one, neighbor or co-worker.  These fine art illustrations will compliment any household or office. Available in frame or unframed, finish in pastels, charcoal, acrylic, oil, gouache, pen and ink.

All Drawings are created from photos so sitting for portraits is not required. As in all our custom art work the better the quality of photo supplied the better the results. Please provide large photos of various poses: Front, side, 3/4 angle view of the subject.

Portraits are available in all sizes.

Original works are created on canvas, charcoal or pastel paper. For charcoal portraits only-our stock is 100% acid free paper. Acid is the element in paper that reacts to oxygen over time producing a yellowing of the paper stock. The acid free processed paper guarantees
your portrait to look as good as new for life. Guaranteed.

Offering custom portraiture to celebrate a vocation, hobby or interest.
hunting, fishing, gunsmith, gun collector, military, motorcycles, automotive, trains and train collecting, law enforcement, medicine, law, fire rescue, sports, engineering, construction, etc. Birthday, anniversary, wedding, retirement, promotion, memorial, awards, achievement and more.

To place your order or learn more about the portrait services please contact the artist.