Portrait of fisherman original art 18″x24″, by David Zamudio


Example of finished portrait commissioned by a private party. Pastels, 18″ x 24″.

David Zamudio creates personalized portraits for individuals, executives, couples and families. Zamudios painted portraiture goes beyond photographic realism or impressionistic similarity in depicting the subject because he creates a representative portrayal of expression of character and captures the essence of the soul.


Commissioned artwork involves having the piece approved by the buyer during the creation process. Artist creates initial sketches of the concept based on the ideas expressed by the client. Using the approved sketches the creation process resumes until the finished art is complete.

Zamudio uses existing photos of the subject furnished by the client and/or new pictures taken by the artist-if necessary. He works closely with clients providing an opportunity for inspection of the art work in progress ensuring a professional working relationship.

A personalized commemorative or memorial portrait of a loved one or friend is a precious keepsake. Portraiture for anniversaries, weddings or special events are also offered.

Custom portraits of executives or vips for corporate or organizational groups are available. For details please contact the artist direct.

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