The Lion of Judah Poster

I have created and developed a unique illustration entitled: “the Lion of Judah” and prints of the original have sold in several countries including the US, Australia, Germany, Canada and Israel.  My search for both customers and distributors of my art print poster “The Lion of Judah” continues.


As the owner of Zamudios Art Studio in St. Louis, Missouri,  I am confident that the lion prints will attract a lot of attention from art lovers and from the general public.  As the artist and copyright holder I can assure you that there is no other work of this scope and level of quality of workmanship in the world.

The concept consumed over two years of development with the final illustration work requiring over 40 hours to complete.  To learn more of how the illustration was created and to see a copy for yourself go to

To purchase the Lion of Judah poster (unframed) order  here:



To purchase the Lion of Judah poster

With wood frame and color mat order  below:

$160.00 with your choice of frame and color mat


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