Book Illustration

The sales and marketing of books heavily rely on the importance of book illustration and cover design.

Illustrations for many books are available at Zamudios: children's books, instructional books, fiction, science fiction, and business themes.

In Andrea Champ's recent publication 'Spiritual Poems-Inspired From Above', we can see a good example of a book illustration cover and inside illustration.

A Champ's 'Spiritual Poems' Book illustration cover by David Zamudio
When multiple interior illustrations and an illustrated cover are used, they enhance the visual promotion of a book.
With Zamudio's, you can have a book illustrated from cover to spine, and fully illustrated from front to back.
All media are available to me: oils, pastels, acrylics, pen & ink, watercolor, charcoal & markers

If you would like to discuss your book project or illustration idea, please give me a call or text at (314) 422-6492  Let Zamudios help you bring your manuscript to life with the right illustrations. Contact Zamudios today.