Children’s Book Illustration

Why I illustrate children’s’ books by David Zamudio

Children give honest and direct feedback when asked to grade a picture or illustration. It has the potential to resonate with their emotions and captivate them. When we practice, we can create a drawing that tells a story clearly and attracts their attention.

Writers have a great opportunity to reach children with inventive stories that children can relate to coupled with innovative emotionally suitable illustrations that promote the storyline.

Illustration bus on hammock by David Zamudio

I use art to interpret and react to the writer's words and sentences. To begin, one must consider the author's direction or intent. In the second step, I will create or develop an illustration sketch based on the concept.

For me, this is the most enjoyable aspect of my job - learning the author's language and creating visual commentary. Working as a team, we uncover and shape the writer's intention in the story, bringing it to life visually.

Each page represents a new world, a new event in a child's or family's life. A single episode is seen from two different perspectives by the author and artist. We build the relationships between the art and how the pictures make people - small and large - feel through the dual collaboration process of writer and illustrator.