Children’s Book Illustrator

As people delve into their creative writing abilities, the search for illustrators for children’s books is becoming more popular in the publishing industry.

I use art & illustration as a medium for translating words, ideas, and thoughts.

My work will attract authors who are looking to hire children’s book illustrators. Every drawing, painting, portrait, illustration, or caricature holds a story within.

One of my recent art projects is to create illustrations for a unique children’s book series written for new big brothers and new big sisters. Brooke Howard, the founder of Hello There Books© and a local author, is a pleasure to work with, and her clear communication of ideas simplifies my role as an artist.

My primary focus on any illustration commission is to understand the needs of the client.

The author, who fashions visual aids, written instructions and rough drawings to communicate her ideas to the artist, is well-prepared. Brooke communicates her ideas to the artist by fashioning visual aids, written instructions, and rough drawings. The way she presented her concepts to her books in just this way charmed me.

I can produce precise sketches that effectively capture the core concept of a written story-line. I’ve realized that during collaborations, I may not fully grasp the intended meaning behind a plainly written concept. By constantly communicating and refining visual concepts, we ultimately achieve our goal by bringing ideas to life.

Brooke’s new book series: Hello There Big Sister and Hello There Big Brother detail the journey of becoming a sibling using sweet rhyme and brightly colored illustrations that both kids and adults enjoy. Her concept of encouraging new siblings includes using diverse illustrations that appeal to our multi-ethnic society.