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Thanks from the Alzheimer’s Association

In all honesty, I was lucky enough to come across David online!

I scanned his many samples of artwork & was instantly impressed. David & I have worked together over the years …he has become an advocate for The Alzheimer’s Association & participates in our annual fundraiser “The Walk to End Alzheimer’s”.

I have been the Chairperson for The Kids Area- where he is one of the main events!! David is always a hit with his caricature drawings and needless to say there is always along line of children & adults alike to have their portraits done.

Thank you David for everything you have done over the years to help us raise money for The Alzheimer’s Association.

Amy Morris
Chairperson External Logistics
St.Louis Alzheimer’s Association

Caricature Portrait Employee Retirement

The artistry, quality and quick turn-around was well above my expectations.

For me, it was a pleasurable experience from the minute I contacted David all the way through to receiving my product.

I had a sketch within a couple of days and the final product in less than two weeks! Great Job! David was able to take my thoughts and turn it in exactly what I had envisioned in my mind. I would definitely recommend.

David immediately contacted me after I emailed with questions. He was in constant contact about the product. He is definitely a talented, gifted and professional artist that will keep at it until he gives the customer exactly what they want.

Tina H.
Chemtrade Logistics

Caricatures From Photos by Zamudios Art Studio St Louis Employee Retirement Gift, Hunter Hunting 11X14 watercolor
Caricature from picture by Zamudios Art Studio






What our customers say...

RE: Caricature illustration design

I received your illustration package today and all can say is INCREDIBLE! Not once but twice now you have taken an idea that had been bouncing around in my head and put on paper what I could never do. I know she will love it.

Thank You!

D. Cooper
Madison WI



RE: Website development; logo design

I have used Dave Zamudio since 2004 and have watched my business quadruple in sales. The website that he developed for me is cutting edge and has driven sales to levels I could have never imagined. Dave also helped design our company logo. I have been very happy and will continue to use their services in the future.

Dave Taylor
President Owner
Vinyl-Medic LLC



Re:  Beginning drawing with David Zamudio

This was an excellent class.
I had a past drawing class, but David had each of us see each other's work and obviously enjoys helping people to find the joy in drawing.  My eye, my sense of light, composition, and proportion were greatly improved and I continue to practice at home because of the great class.  I chose this class originally because it was one of VERY few courses in town available in the evenings for those of us with inflexible daytime schedules.  Because it was such a great class, my interest in drawing has only grown.

M. Freeman, MD




Re:  Beginning drawing with David Zamudio

I feel the biggest thing I learned that is so important is how to visually break down something you're trying to draw into basic shapes and then working from that. If you'd asked me before the class if I'd be able to draw a skull (of all things!) by the end of it, and one that was realistic, I'd have laughed, but I can now! 🙂 It has made my wanting to practice on my own time much less intimidating, knowing that if I work at it and take a moment to step back and compare (or several moments), that I can see where to make corrections and improve the outcome. I chose this course because I wanted to get a little structure for how to create something on paper so I can then get creative within that, and I'm looking forward to what will come of it!

B. Styles



Re:  Beginning drawing with David Zamudio

I had wanted to take a Basic Drawing class for a very long time. When I signed up for David Zamudio's class, the learning was accelerated, exciting and fun. Through his teaching and exercises, it helped me translate what I see into some kind of representation on paper. And my instructor, David Zamudio, also taught me that just because I see something doesn't mean it should be represented as I see it. He taught me how to help the viewer work through a drawing so it could be viewed dimensionally. I learned about line and shape and value. It was a great experience and I loved how Dave uses line. He is a gifted artist and a great teacher.
M. Keyser



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