Editorial or Theme cartoons

From editors of newspapers and magazines to book and newsletter publishers Zamudio’s cartoons make the story because they are created to tell the story.

The editor/author communicates the idea(s) of the cartoon to the artist and a sketch or series of sketches is created for review and the process continues to the next phase.

Have an idea for a cartoon but no artistic skill? You may have a specific-exact idea of what you want-but have no idea how to put it down on paper. I have the ability to listen to your ideas and in turn create a concept or sketch of it.

The more that I understand your idea the more accurate the sketch. This is but only a step in the process of developing a cartoon for your needs but I am very easy to work with and invite you to call or email me (314) 422-6492 or with your ideas.

Turbocharge your business communication with professional illustrations today.From political, social, religious, personal, business or general subjects that I can produce a fitting illustration for the publication. Ideas sell things and cartoons are simply illustrated ideas. Cartoons are used to emphasize a wide variety of subject matter

Politics, government, social issues, social status, health, law, marriage, medicine, health, business, morality, weather, crime, sports, pets, race, religion, age, trade or hobbies, etc. Publishers for newspapers, magazines and other print media use cartoons for a massive market of consumers.

Over 300,000,000 magazine subscribers see cartoons or illustrations in some form everyday in America and the trend continues to  grow.*
Zamudio’s Studio offers black/white and color cartoons in single panel format.


* Magazine Publishers of America.