Illustrated Portraits

In my Illustrated Portraits work I focus on revealing the very soul and spirit of the subject model.

Illustrated portraits rendered in charcoal are timeless. The clean lines and high contrast of black and white shapes are interesting to look at can be displayed in any decor-home or office. Every detail of the pose, eyes, facial structure, hair, clothing, light, etc are vital to render a good likeness, but the sparkle in the eyes and facial expression reveal something deeper about the person.

Hand-drawn portraits make for a perfect gift for a loved one, neighbor or co-worker.  These fine art illustrations will compliment any household or office. Available in frame or unframed, finish in pastels, charcoal, acrylic, oil, gouache, pen and ink.All Drawings are created from photos so sitting for portraits is not required.

As in all our custom art work the better the quality of photo supplied the better the results. Please provide large photos of various poses: Front, side, 3/4 angle view of the subject. Portraits are available in all sizes. Original works are created on canvas, charcoal or pastel paper.

For charcoal portraits only-our stock is 100% acid free paper. Acid is the element in paper that reacts to oxygen over time producing a yellowing of the paper stock. The acid free processed paper guarantees your portrait to look as good as new for life. Guaranteed.

Illustrated Portraits: Custom Artwork for Any Occasion. Capturing the beauty of life represented by a model or figure comes forth as I study the subject. As I begin the sketch using simple lines to mark reference points for the height and width, and dimensions of the head, I am also thinking of the same person as a masterpiece of creation.

While considering someone’s age, I examine their facial features and look for unique landmarks, like the brow shape compared to the hairline.

I believe that the shape and design of a person’s eyes reflect their inner identity. Some people have eyes that stick out from their faces, resulting in a distinctive appearance.
The eyes of certain individuals look deep set and vanish when they smile, concealed by layers of skin folds. The bottom line is, what I hope to achieve with the portrait is to preserve memories through art. The art of portraying emotions is a key element in creating portrait drawings and paintings.
The facial expression that the model shows is influential and most often is the difference in the success or failure of the entire portrait.
In essence, I aim to immortalize memories through the art of portraiture. The expression of emotions is essential in the development of portrait art, whether achieved through drawings or paintings. The model’s influential facial expression is often the deciding factor for the portrait’s success or failure.


Visual storytelling is showcased through illustrated portraits. When you can identify the emotions conveyed by someone’s face, you become involved in their narrative. The pose offers clues about the person’s thoughts or the impression they want to create.
Painted portraits hold a timeless appeal for gift recipients, while their enigmatic nature captivates observers.