HEROES of Faith Coloring Book


Today coloring books are no longer just for kids. These days our lives are busier and more complicated with work, tasks, meetings, errands, email, shopping, meals, events, etc.

Certainly, the levels of technology that we tolerate today increase and escalate our internal tensions driving us away from peacefulness.

The nonstop text, email, and cellphone notifications add more pressure on us to respond at some point.

So later, only fatigue and weariness remain. The continual stimulation of expectations, obligations, and stress eclipses any joy and leisure in our day. So to find a minute of peace of calm can be troublesome.

In recent times, coloring has become a pleasant, enjoyable, pastime for adults who wish to escape the daily stresses and relax the mind.

The growing popularity of adult coloring books as an amazing and marvelous activity has only erupted a great demand for even more of them. Many coloring book themes consist of birds, animals, flowers, plants, bible topics, prayer journals, gag designs and more.

The Heroes of Faith coloring book features biblical subject illustrations created in an exciting Marvel comic book style. You can escape to the world of imagination when you color these pages and build your faith!


  • Release your imagination and creative coloring onto over 40 beautiful, stress-relieving pages.
  • Choose from a variety of different subject matter to color to release anxiety and stress.
  • Large 8.5×11 high quality paper offers plenty of space to enjoy your creative details.
  • We print coloring pages as one side only with the back page blank. When you finish coloring, you can frame and display your work.

  • Use any coloring material that you prefer: colored pencils, Prismacolors, gel pens, markers, porous point pens or crayons. Use scrap paper behind the page you’re coloring to avoid bleed-through.
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Heroes of Faith Inspirational Adult Coloring Book

40 Page Scenes Illustrated in the Marvel Action Comic Book Style. Color Stress Away. Build Your Faith

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