Spring Cleaning Original Paintings Sale

Clearing inventory of eleven originals in acrylic, 9×12 canvas board  (unframed) by artist David Zamudio. Each painting is an original work with distinctive brushwork – perfect for home or office decor.

There are only 11 paintings remaining for sale. Studies in Floral, still life, landscape and seascape paintings in various stages of completion.

Order today for only $50.00 each and Free Shipping within the USA. Hurry before they sell out !!!

Floral 1 Floral 2 Landscape 1 Landscape 2
D.Zamudio-Floral-1.-9x12 D.Zamudio-Floral-2.-9x12 D.Zamudio-Landscape-1.-9x12 D.Zamudio-Landscape-2.-9x12

Landscape 3 Seascape 1 Seascape 2 Seascape 3
D.Zamudio-Landscape-3.-9x12 D.Zamudio-Seascape-1.-9x12 D.Zamudio-Seascape-2.-9x12 D.Zamudio-Seascape-3.-9x12

Still Life 1 Still Life 2 Still Life 3
D.Zamudio-Still-Life-1.-9x1 D.Zamudio-Still-Life-2.-9x1 D.Zamudio-Still-Life-3.-9x1
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