Birthday Gift Caricatures!

Set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd
when you give ’em a custom caricature gift as a birthday present!Caricature color profile by Zamudios


Other well-meaning folks are doing their best by going to all the trouble of traveling to a local store and buying a snappy card and a gift for that special person.  But as the innovator you can go to the front of the line with your brilliant idea of a custom caricature for a birthday surprise.


You may not even care to be noticed for your insightful genius, but you do care for the birthday boy or girl enough to buy the very best for them (or at least the very best on a modest budget) right?


Aside from providing your friend or  loved one with top quality artwork  of their favorite subject, you will also offer a keepsake that will remain on permanent display in the home or office. He or she will love to see themselves caricatured in a lighthearted, funny, entertaining way.

Working from photos Zamudio will create a gag profile cartoon of your subject. See examples on the $10 caricature webpage.
See examples of more advanced custom caricatures.

Zamudio’s Studio provides a single or full color image (by email)
that you can reprint to any size for any purpose from your own printer.

You can also take it to a local Kinkos, office supply store, sign shop or craft store if you need it reproduced for framing.

Caricature prints and framed prints are also available in many sizes.

See examples of more advanced custom caricatures.

We wish to share our talent and skill to entertain people-to put a smile on the faces of friends and loved ones-and share a little love.

The world could use a little love right now, yes?

So let’s get started and spread the love around your world.
You can provide the birthday boy, girl, man or woman with a nice one-of-a–kind gift that they will love!

Place your birthday caricature gift order in 4 easy steps:


Need photos of the subject
the email caricature version.
Full face, 3/4 view and side photos
are necessary for the more advanced caricature orders.


Tell us what the person likes to do as a hobby,vocation, sport, activity, etc.
We will display the subject in that setting.



Email the photos along with the above
activity information and you are done!



Pay for the email caricature version online. Buy $10 caricature now.

For email caricatures only: You will receive, in return, your custom-made, one -of-a-kind, cartoon caricature by email as a pdf, jpeg or gif format
(tell us your preference). You can then print out the artwork from your computer and your birthday gift is born!


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