Cartoonist and caricatures…

What is the difference between a cartoonist and caricature artist?

A cartoonist creates illustrations in a single panel or multipanel or page format.
Single panel cartoons are typical of those you will find in daily comics where a cartoon image
or illustration is contained in a single box. The box or panel tells the story.


You may find the illustration or cartoon as the main subject that  tells a story, or delivers
a message in one of two methods. One technique is to use a balloon or text bubble near or above
the head of the cartoon character as in the example below. The other method is to illustrate a panel and include

a caption or punch line at the bottom or top.

Cartoon single panel Zamudios 032012


Caricature artists work from an original design-as in the actual face or body of person using a photograph. The artist selects certain features of the person in which to exaggerate or distort in order to ‘caricaturize’ the subject.  The caricature artist may stretch the head, chin, nose, eyes, ears, etc. to obtain the effect that best suits the intention of the artwork.


Caricature art is sometimes extreme in depicting a person where
the features are so distorted that may
offend the audience.


I work to poke fun at folks in my caricature artwork and not to create ill feelings.
Actually, it is rewarding to be able to entertain my clients by trimming off a few
pounds, adding some muscle and turning back the hands of time-all to make
the subject look good in the end!


So let’s have some fun : )

David Zamudio
Zamudios Studio


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