Drawing Classes St. Louis

Basic Drawing Class

Starts Feb 18, 2013 — April 8, 2013
Meets Mondays 3:30-5:30 pm for 8 weeks

Do you have have an interest in learning basic drawing just for fun, relaxation and enjoyment?
Anyone that can use a pencil to draw a line on paper (straight/crooked) is qualified for this class!!
No experience necessary. You may even be shy, reserved or somewhat sensitive about learning to draw
or maybe you feel that you are not good enough,etc. to even start a drawing class?

This class will encourage, inspire, motivate and even transform you! You will draw and create better,
faster and more accurate compositions than ever before-I guarantee it!!

We begin with learning to draw basic shapes, cube, cone, sphere and rectangle. You will discover new
ways of seeing as we build your drawing skills. Students quickly improve the quality of their drawing by
practicing line, proportion, space, value and composition all at the same time. This is a fun class and we
will learn by doing! While building upon our core concepts of drawing each week we will introduce slightly more challenging subjects to draw. Everyone will receive personal instruction to develop a higher level of drawing skills.

You will improve your drawing skill and begin to see your own drawing work with a sharper eye.
You will meet new people and expand your mind having fun and working on your drawing skill.

(314) 422-6492
Zamudio’s Studio (& Phoenix Potteries)
6514 Weber Road St. Louis, MO 63123

Class registration and supply list available: http://zamudiosartstudio.com/drawing-classes/

Cost for 8 week course of instruction $250.00

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