General Ulysses S. Grant

General Ulysses S Grant portrait by ZamudioGeneral Grant is one of those colorful historical characters that make us feel ‘American’.

We remember the heroic accomplishment of his victory during the civil war and his rise to the presidency but he has a deeper appearance. General Grant struggles to make a living in Missouri due in part to his in-laws.

He loved his family and honored his wife. There are stories told of him horse playing with his young son on the floor of his home-having a wonderful time. If not for his doting wife, Julia Dent, he would have maintained a disheveled look in and out of uniform.

‘The captain’ as he was referred to previous to the war, was a stockily built with brown hair and tawny beard.

Ulysses was observed as a quite man who seemed to remain engaged in deep thought-perhaps constantly working out problems in his mind. Near the end of his life he was taken ill and struggled to provide for his family by completing his memoirs for publication by Mark Twain.The two men had previously drawn up an agreement to publish the work.

Resolved to finish the task it is said that the general completed the final entry of his biography and died soon after-having provided for his family with one final act of love. The memoirs publication was one of the most successful works Mark Twain ever produced.

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