Portrait of a fisherman as a birthday gift

Good stories never wear thin (unless they are fish stories). A good storyteller can transform a simple event into an adventure of imagination. Artwork should also move our emotions into action.

Upon receiving a commission for a portrait or caricature, as a gift, I spend a great deal of time preparing for the final work. Since each order is an original creation for a loved one I want to ensure that the finished product is a winner. Although an artist can assume that his work will be accepted in the end- a tiny shred of doubt seems to surface.Fisherman Portrait original,18"x24" pastels, artist David R. Zamudio

I work closely with the client asking many questions of them so as to build a map of emotional connections for the portrait. To customize the composition, I want to know what moves the subject-what are they passionate about? What makes him or her -who they are?  The answers that I seek will tell the story of the person.

In this case, the subject is a loving husband and fisherman: he loves to fish. My ally in this project is his dear wife. She feeds me all the information that I need along with select photos to work from as reference.

Next we discuss layout ideas. What necessary elements should we include to tell the story? What about the size and shape of the portrait? The theme or mood of the work setting, background, color, etc.
We produce a rough pencil sketch so that the client can have an idea of where I intend to go with the portrait. This provides an opportunity for all involved to preview my plan. If any changes, additions or modifications are needed we can address them before we start on the painting.

Since this portrait is a surprise birthday gift we have one chance to get it right. I like to attend the unveiling (when possible) so as to see first hand that the client is satisfied with my work.

Join me in viewing the attached video where the birthday portrait gift is revealed for the first time. To see and hear the collective sighs of happy emotions will confirm the portrait of the fisherman as a complete success. I absolutely love to create these original works of art-these custom portraits- for  loved ones, family friends.

These portraits last a lifetime and make a wonderful gift for a loved one.  If you are considering a portrait to celebrate the life of a special person then I invite you to contact me direct for more info and pricing. Phone: (314) 422-6492 or by email. info@zamudiosartstudio.com

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