The decay of business and art

Integrity works-dont ruin it.


Forgive the bleak title but it fits our topic of discussion: integrity.

Integrity is just telling the truth..completely. Telling someone about themselves to their face (because you are just being honest and all..) is not integrity. You would be a better friend by coming along side them as a helper. Do what you can for them without adding to their pain.

Telling the truth is more than words. Being a living example of honesty in all things is integrity. It is the ‘thing’ that you are known for… being a person of integrity in family, relationships, community and in business. When you are in need of a particular service, as in, physician, financial help, car repair, lawyer, etc what is the first thing that comes to mind? Isn’t something like..Who do I know? You will -as most of us will do- ask someone that you ‘trust’, right?

Why do you ask anyone-you are capable of making a decision without any help? The answer is obvious. You trust those whom have demonstrated integrity in your mind; therefore, their advice is worthy of consideration. You are counting on them to deliver the truth. They would’nt do you wrong – right? (Well you would hope not)

So how does all this relate to business and art? Successful businesses have a structure established that meets a need or solves a problem for the customer client. A well thought out business model will produce a consisent flow of customers and revenue. An artist designs a product with an established system of steps that leads to a successful outcome: the art (or design) just works. The finished product has the right colors, shapes, look, etc., and it serves the need(s) of the customer client. Pretty simple huh?

The problem with integrity is that if it is not a focal point of your business model-or of your personal conduct- you are in a state of decay. Eventually, if not treated, your illness will become terminal. Your integrity will cease to exist-along with your business and relationships. The artist must follow the same rules of honesty and integrity in his or her trade. You must create the absolute best work possible for your client. The finished work should produce oohs and aahhhs from observers. If the artist shortcuts the job and does not do their ‘best’ work then the work may look good, but may not produce any more fruit for the creator.

Absolute top quality service and promises kept will ensure future business and referrals will flow your way. Neglect your ‘word’ and renege on promises made and your success in life and business will begin to fade and eventually dry up. Art is created by the use of certain rules pertaining to visual elements and how they work together. The artist is free to create in their own style but if these rules are neglected then it becomes obvious that something looks off center or too big or out of proportion, etc. The art just looks odd-it does not work. So do your best everyday.
Integrity works! (hey that could be a t-shirt …mmm.)

St. Louis Cartoonist

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